Welcome to the Rocky Bay Memorial Cruising Club

​Rocky Bay Memorial Cruising Club is a small (but active and growing) sailing and boating club located in Rocky Bay, Waiheke Island. Waiheke Island is located in the Hauraki Gulf, the gateway to Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city.


Established in 1947 the club’s objectives are the promotion of yachting and motor boating and to provide recreation activities and facilities for members. These activities include the annual regatta and picnic which is the longest running and largest family picnic day on Waiheke as well as protection of the scenic and heritage values of Rocky Bay.

The club comprises around 120 individual members and approximately half of these own boats. These boats range from 40 foot keelers to motor boats and sailing dinghies. Many members are permanent residents of Waiheke Island but some are resident in other parts of New Zealand and travel to Rocky Bay for their holidays.


The club has an official status with the Auckland Regional Authority as a custodian of the Rocky Bay beach and waterway area. This includes the monitoring of the foreshore and boat moorings in the bay.


The club committee is pleased to invite you to find out about us on our website. We regard our club as a unique and friendly community.


Rocky Bay is also known as Omiha,the name of the district.

Rocky Bay really comprises three beaches.


The eastern beach is bounded by the Whakanewha Regional Park a 270 hectare area of regenerating native forest. There are several scenic walks ways in this park as well as several ancient sites of Maori occupation including a pa site.

The central beach provides the focus of the club and has the club building on its shore. It also comprises the deepest anchorage and has a number the boat moorings. The central and western beaches are separated by Pohutakawa point. Along the point runs Pohutakawa Drive which provides road access to the club house and haul out facility. In the 1950’s a jetty operated at the end of the point providing the only transport connection to the rest of New Zealand.

The western beach is known as Kauakarau Bay and has a childrens playground and park as well as several houses.