RBMCC Club History

In December 1947 a meeting was called by local residents of Rocky Bay to form a regatta committee. This regatta was run in the new year of 1948 and comprised yacht and motor boat races, rowing races (mens and ladies), swimming races and a bathing beauty contest.

The success of this event prompted the committee members to form the Rocky Bay Memorial Cruising Club to run these events on a regular basis.

A voice from the past…

Here is a record from the minutes of the committee in those days about an aquatic sports day event:

”A very enjoyable day was spent by all participants. Only one mishap was recorded, that being a capsize of the yacht Whizz Bang. Rain marred the late afternoon event. The prize giving and dance that followed was also a success. The orchestra supplied the music and musical items were given throughout the evening. Numerous ladies gave their services for the distribution of supper and the dance finished with the singing of Auld Lang Syne and God Save the King.”

Changing tastes…

Here is the first prize offered for the raffle in the 1949 regatta:


First prize Value £5 

50 cigarettes   1 doz ale     1 Christmas cake     1 lb chocolate      1 bottle wine      1 lb mixed nuts     1 bottle cordial 


In those days of rationing after WW II the minutes note that an application was made to the Controller of Oil & Fuel so that petrol could be allocated to the club to effect rescues and emergencies during the regatta.

This place must have rocked!

Here is the programme of events run by the committee over the Christmas/New Year period of 1955:
December 24 1954 Dance
December 26 Race games
December 27 Dance
December 31 Dance (new year’s eve)
January 3 1955 Regatta and prize giving dance
January 5 Outdoor sports and barbecue
January 8 Dance
No wonder that by 1956 the committee members were so burned out the club went into recess for ten years!


The club was revived in 1966. A beach front section was sold in 1970 (for $1700) and the funds used to build the existing club shed and slipway on Pohutkawa Drive in 1975.

Photos courtesy of Wenda White